Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Parenting Hacks: No Bathtub, No Problem!

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Parenting Hacks: No Bathtub, No Problem!2 years ago, we moved into our new home, and I LOVE it.  Unlike the small apartment we were living in before, this house has plenty of room for our whole family.  There's just one thing wrong with it...

The bathroom does not have a bathtub.  Just a handicapped accessible shower stall.

If I didn't have young kids, it wouldn't be problem.  But since the majority of my children are too little to bathe/shower themselves, it's pretty inconvenient.

For a while, I used a baby bathtub from Ikea which was a pain in the neck because it meant having to bathe each child individually instead of just throwing a couple in the tub.  Plus, it wasn't very big so my two oldest kids were really scrunched up in it.

One day, I had a lightbulb moment...why not buy a large storage tub (key word: tub!) and use that instead?

So I picked up this 116 quart storage tub the next time I was out shopping:

116 Quart Sterilite Storage Container from Amazon

When I got home, I stuck it in the shower stall and it fit perfectly!  (If you have a traditional shower stall, you might have to get a different size tub.)  I filled it about halfway with warm soapy water and threw both of my boys in the tub together.  They loved having someone to play with in the tub and it was big enough for both of them.

Yes, I took the lid off first...

To empty it, I just tipped it on its side and let the water run down the shower drain.

Parenting Hacks: No Bathtub, No Problem!
Davy hanging out in the "bathtub" sans water

To borrow a phrase from my 3 year old, it was easy squeezy, lemon peasy.  Bonus: when the kids are all old enough to take showers by themselves, I can use the storage tub for its original purpose.

"Toddlers need baths. So what do you do when your home doesn't have a bathtub? http://bit.ly/25k24qB @SunshineNSpoons #parentinghack"

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