Friday, April 14, 2017

Health Storylines App Review

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Link to asthma app:

Maybe it's just me, but I tend to forget things easily.  So when I tell my doctor that something has been bothering me and she asks me for details, I stammer for a few minutes as I try to remember when, where, why, etc.

And then there are my meds.  I found out the hard way that forgetting one of my medications for even a day has really bad side effects for me so remembering to take them every. single. day at around the same time is super important.

I've been looking for an app for my phone for a while now that would allow me to track and remember my daily medical info so I was happy to try out Health Storylines.  The company has a long list of apps for different health conditions, such as sarcoma, epilepsy, heart problems, IBD, and MUCH more.  Since I have asthma, I installed that one. You can learn more about it here.

I had some problems with the app working right on my phone, which is an LG Treasure.  It kept shutting down, so I tried it on a Samsung Galaxy and it worked great.  I don't know if it was just my phone or what, but I was happy that it I didn't have any other problems after I switched devices.

The app prompted me to fill out a daily questionnaire to track my asthma symptoms which is something that my doctor is always trying to get me to do anyways, sooooo, that was a good thing.  There was also a way to track my daily moods.  That can be helpful for determining if your moods and hormones are increasing symptoms.

I was also able to add reminders for my medications in the app, which could even be customized with a time that the reminder will pop up on your phone.  Super handy when you have a medicine that needs to be taken at the same time each day!

Health Storylines has a place to take notes of questions you have for your doctor.  I think of questions between appointments, walk into the doctor's office, and promptly forget every single one.  I've tried writing them down on paper, but I inevitably either lose the paper or forget it at home.  I've always got my phone with me though so it's the perfect place to keep those questions.

You can also store your upcoming appointments in the app which will remind you when they're coming up.  I usually have 1-4 doctors' appointments each month and it can be hard to remember them so having an app remind me is very helpful.

The app is customizable to your individual needs, something I appreciated as medical needs affect each person differently.

The best part of this app though is that it's free for all android and ios users.  Which means that if for some reason it doesn't work out for you, you're not out anything.

What are you waiting for?  Head over to Health Storylines for a better way to handle your medical needs!


  1. Thanks Hannah...I am brand new to your blog. I am so glad I discovered you. I have multiple health issues including Ehlers Danlos plus several comorbid conditions as well as asthma and Hashimotos. I am raising my little 6 year old grand daughter who has EDS, Hashimotos, Sensory Processings issues, Asthma, gastric issues and possible ADHD (evaluatin in process). I have only read a little bit so far of your blog but boy can I relate!!! I just read this one about the app. I am so going to try this. If it works I will be one happy camper and hopefully it will help organize me a bit around the medical issues. Thanks for posting about this. I have never heard of such an app but I guess these days they have an app for everything (almost). LOL.

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