Thursday, January 12, 2017

Special Needs and Chronic Illness Medical Binder Printable

When Davy was in the thick of his medical complexities, I put together a binder full of information and notes that I took with me to every appointment.  I used the binder to track Davy's symptoms, log his meds and hospitalizations, record questions for upcoming appointments, and more.  It was pretty basic...loose notebook paper shoved in plastic sheet protectors and held together in a 3 ring binder.  Nothing fancy, but it helped me stay organized and on top of Davy's care needs, especially when we switched health care providers.

Special Needs and Chronic Illness Medical Binder Printable

Then, last year, Davy along with two of his siblings and I, were all diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. 

I thought life was crazy before with just Davy's medical needs and many appointments.  And then we tripled it.

It didn't take me long to realize that I needed to set up a medical binder for each of us to keep everything straight.  But, I was too busy to do it so I kept the idea in the back of my mind and powered through the insane summer and fall months into winter.  And then somehow, miraculously, we got a break this week from any and all appointments. 

It was time.

Special Needs and Chronic Illness Medical Binder Printable

During this past week, I've been working long hours to put together a special needs medical binder printable set, both for my family and for anyone else who struggles like we do.

I finished it this morning and it's already up in my Etsy shop, ready to download.  It includes 32 printable pages in non-editable pdf format that can be printed on standard computer paper (8.5" x 11").

Special Needs and Chronic Illness Medical Binder Printable

Since it's a printable, anyone who purchases it, can print the whole thing or just the pages they need and are welcome to print as many copies as they want as long as they are for their personal use only.

Printable #specialneeds #chronicillness medical binder/organizer:
The 32 printable pages come in the following designs:

1. Cover Sheet

2. If Found, Please Return To:" page

3. Daily Tracker for meals/feedings, bathroom needs, meds, behaviors with blank spaces to fill in your own options.

4. Blank Daily Tracker that allows you to customize to your/your child's needs

5. Labwork/Procedure Log

6. Prescription Tracker to help you remember when you last filled prescriptions.

7. Blood Pressure Tracker

8. Appointment Notes

9. Therapy Notes

10. Pain Tracker

11. Headache/Migraine Tracker

12. 24 Hour Daily Scheduler

13. Daily Schedule with 1 hour increments

14. Weight Tracker

15. School Contacts

16. Insurance Information

17. Family Medical History

18. Emergency Contacts

19. Meal/Feeding Tracker

20. Appointment Schedule

21. Symptom Tracker

22. Diagnoses List

23. Mileage Log

24. Hospitalizations/ER & Urgent Care Visits Log

25. Mood Tracker

26. Behavior Tracker

27. Medications List

28. Blank Weekly Checklist

29. Doctors List

30. Therapists Lists

31. Week-At-A-Glance Schedule

32. Month-At-A-Glance Schedule

Special Needs and Chronic Illness Medical Binder Printable

Whew! I think that covers it!  If you have a suggestion for additional pages or changes to existing ones, please let me know.

Printable #specialneeds #chronicillness medical binder/organizer:

Now excuse me while I go and take a nap.

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  1. Is there a page for keeping track of food tracking using exchanges? My dietitian wants me tracking my foods with the exchange system and I can't find a good template online for this. I need to be able to track my intake for doctors. Any suggestions?

    1. I don't have a page specifically for food tracking using exchanges, but there are several blank templates that you can fill in however you want. I hope that helps!

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