Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How To Save Money With the $5 Method

If you've been on Facebook or Pinterest lately, you may have seen the 52 week saving challenge.

I tried it once.

I got to day 11 and realized that it wasn't working for me.  I usually didn't have the right amount of cash on me so short of writing myself a check each week, it just wasn't practical.

How To Save Money With the $5 Method

But, I still wanted to save money so I wracked my brain and came up with a different way to do it.

Every time I got a five dollar bill back in change, I tucked it into a different pocket in my wallet than the rest of my money.  Then, when I got home, I would take all of the five dollar bills I'd collected and stuck them in an envelope.

How To Save Money With the $5 Method

I wasn't expecting to save up very much, but in less than a year, I had several hundred dollars stashed away, enough for Hubby and me to take a weekend trip (to visit the John Deere Museum in Waterloo, Iowa, of course!) for our 10th anniversary last September.

When we got home, I put back the money we hadn't spent and kept on tucking away my five dollar bills.  This time, I'm saving up to take the kids to the Aquarium at the Mall of America in a few weeks.  I already have enough to buy the tickets, pay for the gas, go out to eat, and get souvenirs for the kids. 
How to save money with the $5 method

Do you save your cash?  What method works for you?

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  1. Hannah -I haven't read the other ways to save money that you were talking about from Pinterest that didn't work, but your $5 method seems to be working great for you! As for me, as soon as our check is deposited into the back, we have an auto transfer set up to move money into a special vacation trip fund. Since it isn't an account we get into very often, and we don't carry the info with it, it is easy to forget about it until its time to take a trip!it's worked for us over the years and we've been able to save up an pay cash for many family get aways, big and small. thanks for sharing today at #MondayMusings

  2. I never carry cash so I doubt this would work for me! But it's a good trick if you do!


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