Thursday, April 14, 2016

Why Sunshine and Spoons?

So why did I name this blog "Sunshine and Spoons"?

Sunshine reminds me of children, playing and happy, without a care in the world.  Sunshine is a lack of clouds. 

And then there are the spoons.  People with chronic illnesses often refer to themselves as "spoonies" in reference to the Spoon Theory by Christine Miserando.  Although we may appear weak, we're anything but.  We fight each day just to live as normally as we can and live with more pain and fatigue than most people can imagine.  "Spoons" make me think of strength and perseverance.

I think this graphic explains the Spoon Theory pretty well.

So...Sunshine and Spoons.  The joy and the pain.  The easy and the difficult.  The care-free and the strong.  Basically, life.    

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