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Gutsy Goodness Review and Coupon Code

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I was searching Etsy for products for my Mother's Day Etsy Finds post when this necklace from a shop called Gutsy Goodness caught my eye.
Invisible Illness Awareness Pendant
Having been recently diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which is often referred to as an invisible illness, the necklace struck a chord with me.  Although I have Ehlers Danlos, I still have hope.  Hope in God.  Hope for the future.  Hope that by the time my children are older, the doctors will know more about treating this awful genetic disease.

I ordered the necklace and messaged the owner to let her know how much I liked it.  She responded and over the course of several convos on Etsy, we got to know each other.

Lisa Copen, owner of Gutsy Goodness

The owners of Gutsy Goodness are Joel and Lisa Copen.  In 1993, Lisa was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and within a few days, she could hardly use her hands.  Thankfully though, she can still use a mouse and is able to design each piece for her family's Etsy shop by herself.

Lisa is the creator of Invisible Illness Week which has the goal of raising awareness for invisible illnesses.  She is also the founder of Rest Ministries, a Christian ministry that reaches out to those with chronic and invisible illnesses.  

Sister Necklace Coffee Jewelry All I Need is My Sister and Iced Coffee Glass Pendant Vintage Looking Style 1.20" Round Sister Heart Charm, Glass Bead
All I Need Is My Sister and Iced Coffee Necklace

"I love getting to use my creative side, designing the layout and message of each necklace," she shares. "And then I pass them along to my husband to do the logistics."

Joel and Lisa opened their shop in 2015 after Joel was laid off from his job.  Their 13 year old son, who they homeschool, helps with the shop occasionally as well.    

Book Necklace She is Too Fond of Books Author Louisa May Alcott Wuthering Heights Quotation Book Charm Jewelry Writer Swag 1.20" Glass Vintage Inspired Round Bronze Pendant Necklace
She Is Too Fond of Books Necklace

"It has been fun for my son to see the logistics behind a business. From keeping supplies in stock to understanding advertising costs, he is learning some unique skills." And their son is learning how a family comes together to help pay the bills and how to work as a team for a mutual goal.

Gutsy Goodness has continued to grow and be successful and the Copens attribute it to all to God.  

I Love My Soldier American Flag Keychain, Vintage Bronze Key Chain Patriotic Key Ring, Glass Round 1.20" Retro Pendant Key Holder
I Love My USA Keychain
With Joel's help, Lisa assembles each piece at the 1940s green aluminum table that she inherited from her prayer warrior grandmother when she passed away in the late 1990s.  

"Every time I visited my grandmother her Bible sat open on this table," Lisa explains. "This table was her 'war room.' If you have seen the movie War Room, well, my grandmother's prayers are 'baked in' to this table and I can imagine she is smiling seeing God's Word go out to thousands of people from where she prayed and served meals for those she loved."

Personalized Christian Mom Necklace For These Children I Have Prayed, Mother's Custom Antique Style Glass Bronze Pendant with 2+ Birthstones, Adoption Jewelry Blessed Mother's Day Gift
For These Children I Prayed Necklace

"I believe the Word never returns empty and it is my hope that every piece glorifies God," Lisa says, "even if it just about never giving up."

Gutsy Goodness carries necklaces, pendants, keychains, and more with beautifully designed inspirational sayings on each one.  It can be found on Etsy and Amazon.

Miscarriage Jewelry Angel Wing Baby Feet Necklace 'I Will Hold You in My Heart...' Vintage Style Bronze 1.20" Glass Memorial Pendant with Personalized Birth Month Bead
Miscarriage Memorial Necklace

Lisa and Joel were kind enough to offer a coupon code for 15% off everything in their Etsy shop.  The code is "SUNSHINE15" and expires on July 31st, 2016.

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Which design from their shop is your favorite?

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