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Gift Guide - Unique Toys Under $20

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My kids are watching the mail like hawks right now.  Why?  Because they know that Mommy does most of her shopping online, including the Christmas shopping.

Which is also why I'm glad that the mail usually comes while the older kids are in school.

Anyways...if you're like me, you can sometimes have a hard time figuring out what to get your kids for Christmas.  I don't like to spend a lot of money on their gifts since they also get a lot from relatives.  Bigger ticket items are usually reserved for birthdays.

With that in mind, I put together a gift guide of toys under $20 each for kids of all ages.  I hope you find some good ideas for your Christmas list!

Do you remember those little plastic spiralgraphs we used to play with when we were kids?  They've gotten even better!  This one has both acrylic gears and wooden ones. 

Hardwood spiralgraph art drawing set

This silicone rainbow stacking teether toy is such a cute idea!  You get five different teethers in one toy. 

Rainbow stacker toy

I love toys that encourage imagination, and toys that use things that you already have around the house are even better!

Trash robot kit

A lot of kids (and adults) find that they can concentrate better when they're keeping their hands busy which is why this fidget spinner makes the perfect gift.  Use the coupon code "SUNSHINE10" for 10% off your order. 

Tri fidget spinner

If you have a sensitive child like I have, a sensory calm down bottle is a great gift.  Honestly, I find these just as relaxing as my kids do.

Sensory bottle

I painted two sets of these nesting dolls when I was younger, and one of them even turned out pretty nice!  You can also get blank ones that don't have the etched guidelines already on them and paint them whatever theme you want.  My son loves playing with nesting dolls too so it would be fun for him to paint them so they fit his personality.
Paint your own Russian nesting dolls
Gift guide - unique toys under $20

My kids love playing pirate so I know they would love this brass telescope.  It even comes in a wooden box!
Brass telescope

We're not into video games at my house, but I know a lot of families who are.  This plush video game controller is perfect for the little ones to pretend play or for the baby to chew on.

Plush video game controller

A bow and arrows would not usually be my first choice as a gift for my kids, but this one is wooden with soft tipped arrows so they can't kill each other.
Wooden bow and arrows

Imaginative play doesn't have to stop for bathtime!  These bath pipes look like they'd be a lot of fun. 

Bath pipes

More bathtub fun!  These bathtub crayons are made of soap so kids can have fun and get clean at the same time.  And hey, if they clean your bathtub, that's a #momwin.  Use the coupon code "BUY3FREESHIP" to get free shipping when you buy any 3 items from Messy Play Kit's shop. 

Bath crayons

I'm going to let you in on a little love candy.  Which is why they'd also love this chocolate bar maker where they can design their own candy bars (and then give them to their parents to eat, right?) 
Chocolate bar maker
This mini teleidoscope is a cross between a kaleidoscope and a telescope.  I love that it's small enough to fit in a pocket.  To get free engraving on your teleidoscope through the end of November, just put "Sunshine and Spoons blog" in the note to seller section during checkout. 

Mini teleidoscope

The kids could have lots of fun with this mini catapult.  Buy two and let them battle it out for the remote in the living room. 

Mini catapult toy

This wooden labyrinth would be great for car rides.  The balls don't come out so they won't get lost.
Wooden labyrinth toy
My kids love racing cars down homemade ramps, but inevitably, they fall apart (the ramps, not the kids.)  This ramp has a see through middle section so the kids can watch their cars fly past them.

 Racecar ramp

Gift guide - unique toys under $20

I'm a sucker for wooden toys and it's even better when they have moving parts, like the propellers on this airplane

Wooden airplane toy

The possibilities are endless with these pop art beads that snap together.  I love that they have different shapes so kids can really be creative with them. 

 Pop art beads

This Chairs and Ladders game is a great way to get the kids and even adults playing together!
Chairs and Ladders stacking game

We were first introduced to these magnet tiles at the doctors' office when the nurse brought them in for the kids to play with at a long appointment.  Ever since, the kids ask from them every time we're there. 
Magnetic tiles

Kids can put together this paper kit without any glue or tape and then have fun playing with their new kingdom.

Paper Kingdom set

What a cute way to have a tea party!!  I love the little felt cupcakes and tea bags, and they even come packaged in an adorable little box. 

Tea for two plush toy

I love that this pirate map is made with cloth so it's durable and won't tear after the kids have played with it a few times.

Cloth pirate map

Your little one not ready for real makeup yet?  This pretend makeup set won't run out or make a mess :)

 Play makeup set

There are so many things you can do with water beads, and I love the sensory component of them. 

Water beads

Gift guide - unique toys under $20
 I hope you found something for the kids on your list!

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