Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Better Way to Track and Organize Your Meds

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Shaking and dizzy, I crawled into my bed and laid down.  The room spun around me.  I had just returned from a trip to the pharmacy to which my dad had to drive me because I knew it wasn't safe for me to drive.

All I could do was lay there in bed.  I couldn't even sit up or the intense dizziness hit me again.  Shaking, I unscrewed the childproof cap off the bottle of pills I'd returned from the pharmacy with and then managed to prop myself up on my elbow just far enough to swallow one of the pills with a gulp of Gatorade.

I wasn't sick.  I had forgotten to refill an important prescription and which lead to me forgetting to take it for several days, and the side effects of stopping the medication cold turkey were brutal.

"Never again," I promised myself.

Fast forward a few months, and I've forgotten to take my meds at least several times since then, thankfully for no more than a day at a time.

I'll be honest, I'm busy and forgetful.  Trying to stay on top of meds for myself plus 3 kids is tough.  Like so many with chronic illnesses, I frequently struggle with brain fog and remembering important things.  I know I'm not the only one who has these kinds of problems, so when I was introduced to PillDrill, I knew I had to share it with you.

PillDrill is a smart medication tracking system that tracks your medications and moods and reminds you when it's time to take them.  It can be set up to send real-time updates to caretakers or even your doctor.  It doesn't just track pills though.  It can also be used for inhalers, nasal sprays, and more.
PillDrill was created by Peter Havas who used his FitBit to keep an eye on his mother's recuperation after a hip replacement.  That experience led him to found PillDrill, Inc in 2014 to develop a smart medication tracking system to help people around the world.

The PillDrill Kit includes the PillDrill Hub, 12 scanning tags, two pill strips (one for AM, one for PM) and a Mood Cube.

The heart of the system is the PillDrill Hub.  The Hub connects to Wi-Fi and sends clear audio-visual alerts when it's time to take a medication.  When the user swipes the tagged medication, the Hub registers it as being taken.

The scanning tags can be adhered to any medication, such as inhalers, that can't be placed in the pill strips.
The Pill Strip is a weekly pill organizer that is composed of individual pill pods for each day and time (such as Monday AM) that have a built-in sensor for scanning it on the Hub.  Additional pill strips can be purchased and connected together so that the system can be customized to your particular medication schedule.  While the kit comes with 12 scanning tags, more can be purchased separately.

The Mood Cube makes it easy to track your moods every day.  It has five faces: Great, Good, OK, Bad, and Awful.  All you have to do is scan the face that matches your mood to track your health patterns over time.

A PillDrill App is available for Apple products that syncs with the Hub in real time.  It makes it easy for a loved one or caregiver to get updates on the PillDrill user or can be used to get reminders and dose logs when not at home.

The PillDrill Kit is available for $199 at and and is a one-time cost with no monthly fees.

You can learn more about PillDrill on their website or by following PillDrill on Facebook and Twitter.  Head over there and let them know what you think!

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