Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How to Make a Snot and Chest Rub with Essential Oils

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I don't know about your kids, but when mine have stuffy noses and coughs, no one sleeps in my house, which makes for cranky kids and a cranky mama.  Thankfully, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help everyone sleep a little better!

First, I run a diffuser in the sick child's room at bedtime for about 30 minutes with a drop of R.C. oil from Young Living.     

Secondly, I rub some of my Snot and Chest Rub on the bottom of my little one's feet and on his or her chest.  

How to Make a Snot and Chest Rub with Essential Oils

When I first got some Snot and Chest Rub from my oily friend, I had doubts about how much it would help, but after four sleepless nights with Anna, who was three years old at the time, I was getting pretty desperate.  Guess what?  We both slept all night!!

Want the recipe?  You can find it below.

How to Make a Snot and Chest Rub with Essential Oils

Snot and Chest Rub

  • 3/4 cup organic coconut oil
  • 6 drops Lemon oil
  • 6 drops Peppermint oil (substitute Myrtle oil for kids under 5 years old!)
  • 6 drops Lavender oil
  • 4 ounce glass jar
Mix the coconut oil in a glass or stainless steel bowl until it's smooth.  Add the oils and mix well to combine.  Put in the glass jar and label.  Apply to bottoms of feet, chest, neck, or back of neck as needed.

How to make a Snot and Chest Rub with essential oils: http://bit.ly/2iVxSRk 

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