Friday, October 13, 2017

Handsocks and Eczema Awareness Month

I was compensated in the form of product for this post.  Nevertheless everything in this post is my honest opinion.

October is Eczema Awareness Month.  Mild eczema is usually no more than an annoyance, but for people who have severe eczema, it can be downright miserable.

With four of us diagnosed with asthma, eczema is also a common issue in our family.  Davy's eczema is definitely the worst though.

Handsocks and Eczema Awareness Month

The poor kid has eczema from head to toe and when it's flaring up, he's so miserable that he can't sleep at night.  He scratches until his skin is raw and open.  I do a skin care routine for him each night that includes a layer of triamcinolone (a prescription steroid cream), vaseline, and then vanicream.  The triamcinolone often burns when it's applied and so understandably, Davy hates his skin care routine.   Periodically, his eczema will flare-up so severely that nothing I do at home can get it under control again.  The only thing that works at that point is a round of Prednisone (an oral steroid) and antibiotics.

To keep Davy from scratching and rubbing the cream and lotion off of his skin after I put him to bed, I put him in footed pajamas like these.  However, he'd still scratch and no matter how short I kept his fingernails, he managed to scratch hard enough to draw blood every night.  I tried putting socks on his hands, but he pulled them off the minute I left the room.

Handsocks and Eczema Awareness Month

When Casey, founder of Handsocks, offered to send me some of her Handsocks to try on Davy, I was pretty excited.  I was desperate to find a way to keep Davy from scratching his eczema at night and Handsocks looked like they'd solve the problem.

Guess what?

They worked!!  No matter how hard he tried, Davy couldn't pull them off.  Having a way to keep him from scratching his eczema meant that it could finally heal better.

So here's the lowdown on Handsocks...

Casey, a mom of two, came up with the idea after using a pair of ski socks to keep her daughter's hands and arms warm during the winter.  They come in sizes newborn through 3T and in a variety of designs, including college football themed ones.  The soft minky mittens fold back so kids can still use their hands to play or eat without taking the Handsocks off.  There are no snaps or velcro to keep them on, but they're stretchy enough that kids and babies can't pull them off.

Handsocks and Eczema Awareness Month

For each pair of Handsocks purchased, a donation is made to Orphan's Promise, an organization that provides shelter, medical care, food and education to orphans in the US and around the world.

What are Handsocks? Find out here! @sunshineNspoons @handsocks 

Just a few of the uses for Handsocks are:
  • To keep little ones from scratching eczema, rashes, or other skin conditions.
  • To keep hands and arms warm in cold winter weather.  Babies and kids often pull off their mittens leaving their little hands exposed to harsh conditions, but Handsocks stay on!
  • To keep little ones with medical conditions from pulling out their feeding and/or oxygen tubes.
  • To protect fingers from little ones with oral fixations who like to chew on their hands.  
You can find Handsocks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.  Don't forget to subscribe to get discounts and updates!

What would you use Handsocks for?

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