Friday, October 7, 2016

10 Benefits of Having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

10 Benefits of Having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

I'm going to be honest.  Having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome stinks.  It's painful, it makes you sick, and it's just not fun.  But there are a few benefits to it if you look hard enough...

You just have to look really hard.  Really, really hard.

Disclaimer: Just because we can do the "party tricks" shown in the pictures does not mean that we should.  Katie and I only did them for a few seconds for the pictures.  If you have EDS, please don't try any of the following! 

1. Being able to scratch any spot on your back.
You know that spot on your back that you can't reach to scratch?  I don't!

10 Benefits of Having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
Photobomb courtesy of Davy

2. Fast labors. 
This isn't something that I've had (my shortest labor was still over 12 hours), but a lot of other women who have EDS reported experiencing this.

3. Young appearance.
EDS can make you look younger than you are.  This has only recently become a benefit for me since I got a little tired of people assuming I was a teen mom with a bunch of kids.

4. Yoga is pretty easy!
It's not actually recommended for most people with EDS because of the danger of overextending their joints, but if we could do it, we'd be really good at it thanks to our natural flexibility.  Ever seen anyone do a reverse Namaste? 

Reverse namaste - hypermobility

5. Soft, smooth skin.
I'm not lucky enough to have this one, but a lot of people with EDS are.

6. Putting toenail polish on is a piece of cake.
This one mostly tends to benefit women...

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7. Zipping up back zippers.
Yup, most of us can do this too!
10 benefits to having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

8. Easier to play guitar and other instruments.
Have a hard time making your fingers go in the right places for that tricky chord? Hypermobile fingers will fix that problem!

Hypermobile fingers
Katie's hypermobile fingers

9. Human weathervane.
We can predict changes in the weather due to the increased pain in our bodies.  Yay.

10. Freaking people out with the weird things you can do.
When I bend my knees backwards, I generally encounter one of the two following responses: "Woah! That's cool!" or "*gag* Stop doing that! It's awful! *gag*"

Hypermobile knees - Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
My knees bent backwards.

Do you have a medical condition, either Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or another one?  I'm challenging you to find some pros.  Also, don't forget to check out the wide selection of EDS themed shirts, mugs, and awareness products in the Sunshine and Spoons Shop!

10 Benefits of Having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
Random picture of Davy because he insisted on having his picture taken too and because he's cute :)


  1. EDS has been a great help when playing the piano. Not so much with the guitar. My fingers dislocate when I try to set a chord. I have learned to learn more classical guitar to help with this. Bummer. Don't forget being able to shave legs standing up in a tiny shower if you can lean on something!

  2. The pros for me aren't so much physical ones (because I can't scratch my back or zip up back zippers, for instance), but more things such as creatively solving daily problems (I can't open the cans of cat food that has a pull of lid without bending the lid open with a knife), adjust situation and adjust to situations faster than others around me, I'm more tolerant to too much information because my life mostly consists of TMI stuff (so my friends knows they can talk about their health regardless of what it is), I've become patient because things can require a lot of tries for me, and so on.

  3. As someone so sick from this I'm stuck in bed on my Daughters 16th birthday ...I find nothing good about it. Zero.

  4. making corsets from gaffa tape and not needing someone to cut you out ... might of forgot to mention this to someone I told how to do it and they may of got selves stuck ... ps this may be more of benefit for goths and punks

    Not breaking anything as a child cause everything bent out off way and didn't snap.

  5. Man do I agree with your pros :-) I'm still technically waiting on my official EDS dx, but I've been dx'd with joint hypermobility syndrome (and there seems to be some debate about them being the same). I just posted a picture of me doing the reverse namaste to my Instagram!
    I cannot, however, bend my knees backwards. But I can do plenty of other freaky things :-P
    I also agree with a lot of the other posters! Needing to be creative with daily tasks (I also use a knife to open pop top cans, woot) and no broken bones for sure.
    Can't really think of anything else at the moment as I'm suffering from some major complications right now. But I love this post!

  6. In over 15 years of dirtbike accidents, I've only broken one wrist.


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