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Bodysuit Solutions for Special Needs Kids

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Davy wore an actual shirt instead of a onesie for the first time ever when he was 18 months old.  Before that, he only wore onesies to protect his G Tube on his tummy.  They kept his Mini One button covered and protected from pull-outs.

Bodysuit Solutions for Special Needs Kids

We had planned to leave the G Tube in until after the next cold and flu season as Davy generally regressed quite a bit with his oral eating when he got sick.  However, due to recurring infections, Davy's G Tube was removed earlier than planned.  Thankfully, he continued eating 100% by mouth and didn't regress too much during cold and flu season, as we had feared he might.

Before Davy's G Tube was taken out, I spent hours searching online for onesies that came in sizes larger than 18 month sizes.  Even 24 month onesies were hard to find, and I wasn't sure how we were going to keep his G Tube protected as he got older.

Bodysuit Solutions for Special Needs Kids

Thankfully, this never became an issue for us as Davy is now a tubie graduate, but for many families, it's still a very real problem.

CBO Baby helps solve that problem.  It was created by husband and wife team Phil and Sharon after they saw a need for larger sized bodysuits for kids with special needs.  The 100% cotton bodysuits come in sizes 2T through 14 years and are tagless for kids with sensory issues.     

Bodysuit Solutions for Special Needs Kids

CBO Baby was kind enough to send me a onesie for Davy to try out.  When I opened it, I couldn't believe how soft and comfy it was.

CBO onesies come in various sleeve lengths for all different climates. The traditional envelope style necklines are available, but the bodysuits also come in crew neck versions so they look like regular shirts instead of onesies, a great feature for older kids.     

Bodysuit Solutions for Special Needs Kids

CBO bodysuits are available in a variety of colors, camo, holiday, and other prints.  They can also be monogrammed or personalized for your child.  They run big so there's no need to size up when ordering. (You can see the sizing chart here.)  Davy is in size 3T and the 2T onesie fit him perfectly.     
Bodysuit Solutions for Special Needs Kids :

These bodysuits aren't just for kids with G Tubes.  They're great for spica casts, ostomies, kids with behavior issues (such as the oh-so-pleasant diaper digging), etc.  I've even recommended them to several friends whose kids don't have special needs, but are on the higher end of the growth charts.

Bodysuit Solutions for Special Needs Kids

You can follow CBO Baby on Facebook and Instagram.  CBO bodysuits can be purchased on the CBO website or on Amazon

Which CBO onesie is your favorite?  You can get it with free shipping by using the coupon code "HANNAH" at checkout on the CBO Baby website!

Enter to win a blue size 2T CBO Baby bodysuit using the Rafflecopter widget below!  The giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.  The winner will be contacted via email when the giveaway has ended.

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