Thursday, December 29, 2016

Setting Goals for 2017

Let's talk New Year's Resolutions and how easy it is to keep them all year long.


Scratch that.  I'm not doing New Year's Resolutions anymore.  Instead, I'm going in a slightly different direction.

Setting Goals for 2017 plus a free printable to track your own goals!

I'm setting goals for 2017.  I'm not sure why, but a goal seems more achievable than a resolution.

So here goes...

My Goals for 2017

1. Be consistent about doing my devotions and spending time with God everyday.  I'll be writing a blog post about how going digital has really helped me with this!

2. Grow my blog to raise awareness for special needs and chronic illness, especially Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

3. Turn my shop into a way to help support my family.  (Since my health doesn't allow me to do much work outside the home, this is pretty important for me.)

4. Potty train Davy.  Ugh.

5. Organize and sell off my massive craft stash since I no longer need it for my business. 

Are you making any resolutions or goals this year?   To help you out, here's a free printable to write down your five goals for 2017.  Hang it up where you can see it everyday and remind yourself that you are working towards your goals. 

Setting Goals for 2017 plus a free printable to track your own goals!

Free 2017 goals printable

Setting goals for 2017 plus a free printable to set your own:

I'd love to hear what goals you are setting for this coming year!  Share them in the comments or head over to the Sunshine and Spoons Group on Facebook.

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